Sustainable ingredient giant, Amyris exits Vitamin E business

DSM buys Amyris

Amyris announced its exit from its long standing business of Vitamin E. Amyris is a leading company for production of sustainable ingredients for Health & Wellness, Clean Beauty and Flavors & Fragrances markets. The company is headquartered in Emeryville, California. On Thursday, it unveiled the sale of its Vitamin E royalty agreement to Koninklijke DSM N.V for $57 million. The agreement entitles Amyris rights to Vitamin E royalties to DSM. The parties have also blueprinted the manufacture of Amyris products at DSM’s Brotas facility through this agreement. This project will allegedly benefit Amyris with a sum of about $30M – 40M for over the next three years. With the exit, Amyris aims to drive commercial growth in the major markets flavor and fragrance ingredients, skincare and sweetener. In a recent development Amyris has also entered the cannabinoids market.

DSM is a Dutch multinational, operating in the fields of health, nutrition and materials and has its headquarters in Heerlen, Netherlands.  Amyris is a benchmark label of integrated renewable products. In the past Amyris has also enabled the world’s leading brands to achieve sustainable growth. Central point of focus for Amyris is its innovative bioscience solutions to convert plant sugars into hydrocarbon molecules and to produce specialty ingredients and consumer products.