k- carrageenan from Marine Algae in Functional Food and Nutraceuticals: Health Benefits

Modern medicine and pharma’s answer to the nutritional and healthcare problem are functional foods and nutraceuticals. They have shown great success in over all health care, with better health advantages, cutting down on hospital and treatment costs and economic development in rural areas. Unknown to many, algae’s demand as the basis for functional food and nutraceutical element has been increasing. Carrageenans, a macroalgal, extracted from red seaweeds of the Rhodophyceae class, are been used as thickening, gelling and protein-suspending agents in the functional food industry. Now a new study suggests that carrageenans extracted from marine algae could be a developed as products in the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical industry.

The biological drivers of the carrageenans extracted from marine algae, like red algae, mobilize anticoagulant, antiviral, antioxidative, anticancer and immunomodulating properties when consumed as a nutraceutical product.

The burgeoning functional food and nutraceutical industry is a subsect of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. There has been an apparent increase in demand not only from people fighting illness but also the health wise population. The industry and its research therefore are employed in looking for alternatives that provide the best quality health solutions for everyone. Both functional food and nutraceuticals seek to provide intake that go beyond and above just nutrition, having healing and correctional value. Carrageenan has always been known to have healing and remedial qualities taken from edible red seaweeds, used as early as 400 AD, as cold and cough medicines. The particular research presented the benefits of k- Carrageenan originating from marine algae.