GlobalWafers signs a long term agreement with the GT Advanced Technologies

GTAT Corporation, d/b/a GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT) and GlobalWafers Co., Ltd. (GWC) have gone into a long haul understanding whereby the skill of the two organizations will join to manufacture another wellspring of supply of silicon carbide wafers. GWC, officially one of the world’s top makers of semiconductor wafer arrangements, will currently add 150mm silicon carbide to its offering, fabricated from mass SiC gem delivered by GTAT.

As the electric vehicle (EV) and power hardware businesses move away from silicon to silicon carbide, GTAT and GWC are uniting their particular abilities to build supply while bringing down expenses for this extreme interest substrate material. This is a strong and ground breaking step that growing markets, for example, EV will greet.

“The key points of interest of silicon carbide are outstanding and interest for it is high, however it’s a troublesome material to make,” said Greg Knight, GTAT’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “As a result of our precious stone development skill and capacity to ace this mind boggling process, we can emphatically shape and impact the silicon carbide wafer industry by expanding the production network, empowering higher wafer volumes and bringing down expenses fundamentally for this high-esteem material,” he proceeded.

The concurrence with GWC speaks to real headways for the two organizations. For GTAT, it denotes the fruitful finish of an eighteen-month change from offering hardware to giving propelled materials. GWC, using this approaching supply of silicon carbide material from GTAT, would now be able to apply long periods of wafer process improvement and quickly become a top-level SiC wafer provider to supplement its other substrate contributions.

“The power hardware industry needs supply understandings, for example, the one we’ve gone into with GWC, and we’re exceptionally satisfied to make it a reality,” finished up Knight. Doris Hsu, Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer of GWC, sees this long haul concurrence with GTAT likewise.

“Bringing our organizations’ particular specialized qualities together will profit high-development businesses, for example, EV since we will expand the worldwide supply of silicon carbide wafers,” Ms. Hsu noted. “Matching our ability in wafers with GTAT’s debut quality silicon carbide gem will empower significant, high-development ventures like EV to arrive at key reception achievements sooner and at lower cost.”