E-Cigarettes on a Rise Among Hawaii Schoolgoers

A new report comes out with staggering find on vaping and e-cigarette among school children in island schools. The report reveals children start as young as 6th grade in states like Hawaii. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ranks Hawaii number two among states for children grades 6 to 12 who are vaping. Hawaii’s e-cigarette usage by its youngsters is double the average for the country as a whole.

Schools have reported finding very young schoolgoers using e-cigarettes, causing a state of alarm. Request and appeals to look into the disquieting state of matters have been made with the state Department of Health. According to the Health Department, the high rate of use stems mainly from heavy vaping among children and teens in Kauai, Maui and Hawaii counties.

Almost 20% of all Hawaii middle school children reported using e-cigarettes. “We’re losing a lot of our progress with reducing cigarette use by youth with just this rise in adoption of e-cigarettes,” said Lola Irvin, administrator of Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Division at the state health department.

Another factor contributing to the ascending vapor trend is the online marketing of e-cigarettes by companies, especially focused on the youth. “These companies were really advertising their products like the flavored e-juice and various products like JUUL and Suorin Drop through social media,” Irvin said. “In fact, JUUL did use social influencers to post their products online, and our youth have access to that.”