Simple properties of Copper-clad Aluminum Wire

The growing field of industrialization has increased the demand for electrical safety day by day. Safety solutions are observed in every need of the industry in the present times, these include Exothermic Welding, Grounding & Bonding System, Lightning Protection System and Surge Protection Devices.

Based on an extensive research, ‘Copper Theft’ has been regarded as a vital problem of serious concern. Especially in the Indian sector, Copper Theft is expanding rapidly and is observed in various industrial sector such as Oil & Gas Refineries, Petrochemical Units, Electrical Power Stations and Railways. It is believed that the industry has a very small role to play, where there is copper, there is a thief, so goes the saying.

Copper can be made suitable for a wide range of applications. Copper being an expensive material, with its combination of physical properties which include conductivity, strength, corrosion resistance, ductility and machinability. These properties also make copper suitable for various applications. Moreover, it also offers benefits in Lightning Protection and Earthing. However, copper being a theft prone materials, users are opting for cheaper and low quality replacements.

In place of pure aluminum, copper clad aluminum conductor is the best solution for above ground applications. A Copper Clad Aluminum Conductor is an electrical conductor which is equipped with an inner aluminum core, in addition to an outer copper cladding. Furthermore, it is made of high grade aluminum core which is metallurgically bonded with the help of pure copper coating of 10% or 15%.

Moreover, copper clad aluminum conductor is available in form of a single strand of 8 mm dia. And comes in a drum roll of length 500 meter to 10 km. It is highly recommended against pure aluminum, since it is less flexible and also tends to break, especially also in low melting temperature.