Chemicals Used in Tire Manufacturing

A good tire cannot be made from rubber alone. Tires are made from a vulcanization process, due to which tires become heat resistant and hard. Tires today are made from rubber compounds along with a mixture of various chemicals added to the liquid form of rubber. This combined combination of liquid rubber along with several chemicals help the tire to maintain strength, durability, and temperature resistance.

Following are the chemicals used in tire manufacturing:

Sulfur:  It is one of the key components in the manufacture of tires. Sulfur also plays a vital role in the vulcanization process. Most of the tires use sulfur as its key component, while the other chemicals are used in the making of only specific tires.

Carbon Black: Some of the tire types are made by using carbon black with as much as 30 percent. A very pure form of carbon is added to the tire formula in a powered form.

Synthetic Rubber: Not all tires use rubber. Since synthetic rubber is pure, it is also more cost effective and hence is used in the tire production.

Silica: This chemical component is added in order to reduce the rolling resistance in tires. If a tire produces less friction, it lasts longer. Hence silica is also used in most of the tire types.