Tata Chemicals succeeds in getting green signal for expansion of soda ash plant

Tata Chemicals has succeeded in getting a green signal for expansion of the company’s soda ash plant in Gujarat, India. Tata Chemicals is world’s second largest manufacturer of soda ash. Reports suggest, the estimated cost for the expansion is Rs 1,042.07 crore.

The expansion project will allegedly boost the capacity of the captive power plant from 84 mega watt (mw) to 125 mw.

According to reports, the proposal was first screened by the central government, constituted green panel. Post recommendations, the Union Environment Ministry agreed for an environment clearance (EC) with regards to the expansion of the soda ash plant in Gujarat.

The expansion project will be undertaken within the current plant premises of 231 hectare, which includes the cement plant. Reports allege the project will be completed within the next two years.

The inorganic chemical soda ash forms an important component of the Indian inorganic chemical industry. Soda ash is a high volume and a low value product which finds application in the production of pulp/paper, chemicals, detergents, glass, sodium silicate, and water treatment.

India is a rich source for materials like salt and limestone which is grown for domestic demands and this especially favors the establishment of soda ash plants. The current expansion project will increase the domestic and industrial demand, cited the company.