Demand for ferrous sulfate to steer in the upcoming years

Commonly used as a brain enhancer and as a supplementary for the development of red blood cells, the demand for ferrous sulfate is mainly influenced by means of its crucial application in therapeutic and preventive measures such as for treating anemia. It is also used to make up for the paucity of red blood cells, especially common among premature babies.

Developed countries like the United States experience the largest number of premature birth rates, hence the application of ferrous sulfate is expected to be most common in the region within the scope of baby nutrition. The trend of premature birth rates is now becoming a common phenomenon in developing economies like China and India, which will augment the application of ferrous sulfate in baby nutrition and health. Owning to medical record, if not treated, preterm birth can further result in stillbirth within the first week of birth.

Ferrous sulfate will provide early born babies with the much needed iron content, crucial for brain development. Thus the market for ferrous sulfate is expected to foster with regards to former mentioned health issues.

Furthermore, ferrous sulfate is also commonly used in the agricultural economy. It is used as a major ingredient in compound fertilizers, thus nurturing the growth and development, in addition to stimulating the process of photosynthesis among plants. Ferrous sulfate is also known to reduce the alkalinity of soil which in return also promotes fertility of soil and prevents chlorosis.

Owning to especially these two factors, among others, the demand for ferrous sulfate is expected to upsurge in the upcoming years.