AGC Chemicals previews on the CAMX 2019

AGC Chemicals (Exton, Pa., U.S.) is highlighting its changed polyetheretherketone (PEEK) and Fluon+ EA-2000 gum.

The organizations adjusted PEEK — mPEEK — is upgraded with forte fluoropolymers said to improve effect and wear opposition, adaptability and electrical properties. The polymer can be utilized to create various geometries, for example, sheets, poles, tubes, gears, liners, wire and link protections, and movies that withstand requesting operational conditions.

Contrasted and standard PEEK, mPEEK is said to improve processability by means of expulsion forming, infusion embellishment and pressure shaping, and exhibits a lower dielectric steady than standard PEEK at temperatures up to 260°C. The organization says this specific fluoropolymer innovation has additionally potential for property upgrade with different polymers.

Fluon+ EA-2000 pitch is a functionalized, high-temperature cement polymer said to be perfect for use in constant fiber-fortified thermoplastic (CFRTP) applications that require high temperatures. This tar offers one-advance preparing with different polymers or metals, and apparently takes out the requirement for surface treatment or a different tie-layer, and is heat-impervious to 260 °C.

It is likewise said to show better synthetic obstruction contrasted with other traditional materials, and in powder structure can be utilized as an added substance for designing thermoplastic polymer lattices, for example, polyamide. Fluon+ EA-2000 can likewise be utilized as the essential network pitch for high-temperature CFRTP applications when polyamide and epoxy are inadmissible.