Architectural application of brass rods

Brass Rods are also known as free machining brass or lead brass. Owing to its corrosion resistance and enhanced machine ability, these are used in high speed machining like gears, fasteners, in automotive engineering parts, among others. Brass rods have also found common application in present day architectural extrusions. Following are two recent examples-

London based housing firm- SAV architecture has designed a modern tropical, sea side house in the western state of Goa. Named the Sun House, the house design has taken inspiration from the dazzling nature of the sun. Red laterite stone forms the exterior walls of the house, it has large sun screens and a brick clad entrance. The laterite walls are also built on the southern facades as well as at the entrance, thus allowing the interior temperature to remain cool at all times.

Moreover, the house is also adorned with a floating teak wood staircase. Fitted with brass rods. The element of balustrade creates layers of texture and adds elegant materiality, thus enhancing the appearance of the entire house.

In another example, the refurbished building of Korea’s Cosmetic brand- the Sulwhasoo Flagship Store located on the Gangnam-gu neighborhood of Seoul used 3D matrix of brass rods. Closely spaced, the brass rods occupied a vertical slot which connected the building entrance to the roof terrace on the top. The shimmering brass rods thus created for a concept of lantern, highlighting not only its primary interior, but also its exterior spaces.