Brief description of Boron Carbide Powder (B4C)

Boron Carbide Powder has abravise materials of high performance which are inclusive of chemical and physical properties. Research suggests this is similar to diamonds, especially in their hardness and chemical resistance.

Boron carbide is commonly known as a hard ceramic material which is exclusively used in tank armor, in bulletproof vests and in several other industrial applications. The boron carbide, with its chemical formula of B4C has hardness of 9.3 on the moths scale and is known to be the hardest material, after diamond and cubic boron nitride.

Discovered in the 19th century, boron carbide is a by-product of reactions which also includes metal borides. Reports however suggest, that its chemical formula is unknown.

It was until 1930s, that the formula was regarded certain as B4C. Boron carbide is industrially produced by the reduction of carbo-thermal reduction of B203 (boron oxide) in an electric arc furnace. The synonyms of Boron Carbide is B4C, nuclear grade boron carbide powder, black diamond.

Boron Carbide is used as a steel modification component. It is used in hot pressing, lapping, polishing, grinding. Moreover, also in abrasion resistant parts with its metallurgical refractories, light weight and oxygen resistance.

Along with that, baron carbide also finds application in personal, vehicle anti-ballistic armor plating, padlocks, grit blasting nozzles, scratch and wear resistant coatings, abrasives, metal matrix composites, among others.