LANXESS was there at the FEICA

Strength synthetic concoctions organization LANXESS will go to FEICA European Adhesive and Sealant Conference and Expo from September 11 to 13. At the current year’s occasion in Dubrovnik, Croatia, specialized specialists from LANXESS’s Urethane Systems business will exhibit the most recent improvements on Low Free (LF) isocyanate urethane frameworks for cements, sealants and one segment froths (OCF). The organization is a main trend-setter in the advancement of low free (LF) isocyanate innovation.

On the third day of the gathering, September 13 at 09:30 a.m., Ronald M. Emanuel Jr., Senior Scientist, Global Research and Development, Adhesives at LANXESS, will talk about ‘Headways in low free isocyanate monomer prepolymer plan for receptive glue frameworks’. The introduction will give profound understanding into low free (LF) isocyanate prepolymer science.

‘The focal point of our advancement work is to plan prepolymers containing low free monomer for use in cement and sealants details. Specifically, this alludes to conquering the distinctions that the expulsion of lingering diisocyanate monomer present to the presentation of the last cement plan,’ clarifies Emanuel.

Moreover, there will be a table top show at the occasion for existing and new clients to meet with LANXESS researchers to talk about how LANXESS’s LF innovation can give answers for explicit prerequisites of their glue and sealants items.

Under the brand name Adiprene LF, LANXESS has created one of kind low free isocyanate urethane prepolymers for use in glues, sealants, and one part froths. The LF innovation makes prepolymers with