CAMX taking place in September

JEC World is the greatest composites-associated trade demonstration. The exhibition takes place in Paris, every year, in the month of March. The show is amazing, with the huge turnout, and the technologies and exhibitors from all over the composites supply chain. One gets to see representatives from all of the major end markets served by the industry. The 3-day show has one believing they are right at the center of the composites developing sector.

The only issue seems to be how you, a CompositesWorld subscriber, may have never been able to attend JEC World. Even if you have, it was probably one or two times only. This is because North America is the center when it comes to the world of composites, which is why most engineers, managers, or other individuals in the composites field are situated her. Consequently, it is a difficult, and one which isn’t economically reasonable, to travel to Paris every year for the JEC World.

Every year, the number of U.S. attendees appears to be smaller than the number of U.S. professionals in the international composites industry. That aside, the event is still phenomenal.

Unfortunately, JEC World doesn’t have an equivalent here in North America.

North America does, however, have CMAX and it comes very close to being as great as the JEC World.

For those of you who don’t know, CMAX, having started in only 2014, is a comparatively fresh composites show based in Orlando, Florida.

Before 2014, SAMPE’s conference and exhibition, which dealt with the aerospace end market, and ACMA’s conference and exhibition, which dealt with everything else, cleaved the composites trade show scene in America.

But in 2014 it was decided by the leaderships of both the establishments to eliminate this segregation and conduct a single exhibition that the entire composite industry would appreciate.