New PVA Adhesive added to Bond it’s range

Bond it, a United Kingdom-based company which is among the quickly advancing producers of sealants, waterproofing products, adhesives and other building chemicals, has recently announced a newest addition to its range of products.

Bond it just announced a newest D4 classified PVA adhesive, making use of the most recent hybrid technology.

The PVA adhesive is a premium grade, free of solvent formula. According to the company, the PVA adhesive will prove itself waterproof even if constantly immersed in water.

The adhesive is appropriate for both interior and exterior usage. Among its numerous advantages are increased bond strength, better heat resistance, and a wide span of 10 minute open time. The PVA adhesive has been tested to the D4 criteria, which is allowed it to carry certification to EN204.

The hybrid PVA adhesive is ready to use and also appropriate for most of the timber building applications, kitchen fit outs, window scantling and frames, solid wood bonding, door development, furniture production, etc. The adhesive comes in 4 different sizes, 125ml, 250ml, 500ml (under the name of Glue Monster), and as a 1L pack under the newest adhesive range of Bond It.

Bond It introduced a bigger cartridge form of WP100 previously this summer. The new version was intended for sealant applicators. Bond It has also included the DIY Superglue items to its Glue Monster range.