A contract given to Haydale by the European Space Agency (ESA) to develop non-metallic gas tanks for spacecraft in partnership with International Space Propulsion (ISP)

A contract has been given to Haydale by the European Space Agency (ESA) to produce non-metallic gas tanks for its spacecraft propulsion systems.

The contract comes under the European Space Agency (ESA) de-risking program. Presently, the space propulsion supply chain needs economical and unfailing parts for small-scale satellite launches.

As per the agreement, the basic goal of the company is composing a massive de-risked tank model. This will later be helpful in designing development models for complete testing

The non-metallic system of the company is forecasted to provide a competent, economical substitute that will meet the requirements of the European Space Agency (ESA)

As it takes less time between the commencement and end of the project, the system can also be handed over in various configurations keeping in mind the requirements of end-user. The company had worked in partnership with graphene, silicon carbide, and other nanomaterials

European Space Agency (ESA) has also recognized other satellite technology producers, who recently are engaged in blueprinting and tank design development

International Space Propulsion (ISP), will soon be seen in partnership with Haydale.

As stated by the Chief Executive Officer of Haydale, Keith Broadbent, with this financing it will become easier for Haydale to upgrade its current information in the space industry. We intend to flourish the technology by the side of our partners.

He further mentioned, we are honored to have the backing of the Airbus DS Tank Product Group, who are concerned about the growth of aggressive non-conventional pressure vessel products and can arrange certain design drivers, because of their priceless expertise. As a major development that can be seen in the UK space market, Haydale is honored to be part of this advancement.