An explanation given by the Prime Minister’s Office, in FAQ, about why Lynas license renewed

The Prime Minister’s Office has mentioned three outcomes that will be faced if the Lynas’ operating license doesn’t get renewed. It includes the loss of about 600 Malaysian employees, the failure to break down China`s leading position in the export of rare earths and Malaysia`s believability as a business-favorable country for longstanding investments being adversely affected.

The 14 point graphical representation of information from the energy, science, technology, environment, and climate change ministry also mentioned that information gathered from experts and government agencies proves Lynas’ activities in its plant in Gebeng, Kuantan in Pahang, are regulated and safe

The exposure of radiation hazards while performing work and to the atmosphere is down the permitted level. No irregularity is seen in either the medical monitoring of radiation workers or the Lynas Advanced Materials Plant (LAMP)

LAMP after observing the impact of radiation on the local community in a 20-kilometers radius came to the conclusion that there was no increase in radiation risks in either water, air or soil samples.

Lynas defamers, including members of the Pakatan Harapan-led administration, accused the uncommon earth plants of contaminating its surroundings with its wastes.

In the FAQ, the PMO appreciated Lynas by agreeing that it has met all juridical requirements established by the authorities and has also fulfilled a lot of global standards like health, safety, and the environment.

It also stated that as part of the requirements for its license restoration, Lynas would have to shift cracking and leaching processes across the borders so that LAMP could no more release radioactive wastes.

Lynas also need to determine a Permanent Disposal Facility (PDF) in six months or get approval from the government of any other country to allow the export of its wastes there.