“Imagine Intelligent Materials,” an Australian based company, uses graphene coatings and edge-based signal processing devices to create sensing solutions for large surface areas

Imagine Intelligent Materials is a well-known graphene and data analytics company with its roots in Australia. It has created a unified sensing solution that gathers data from substances with a big surface area by using graphene coatings and edge-based signal processing devices.

The system has been tested on objects with areas as much as 4,000 square meters. The system collects information about the pressure, stress, temperature, and moisture and is basically designed for industrial and buyer utilization in the IoT market.

As stated by the executive chairman of the Imagine Intelligent Materials, Chris Gilbey, the company holds the incredible electrical conductivity of graphene, which is formed in our Geelong factory and also the signal processing algorithms designed in our Finnish operation. Imagine Intelligent Materials carries an economical sensing solution for the complete area that will scale conveniently as well as accurately.

This latest technology is an advancement of the company’s initial product, imgneX3 graphene coating, which had the purpose to discover leakages over the geotextiles that boundaries minisite tailings dams.

As informed by the president of Imagine Intelligent Materials, Jaakko Kaidesoja, the Imagine Intelligent Materials was designing apps that cater to the demands in buildings, automotive markets, and health care. When asked further he mentioned, lifetime statistics and heightened residential care mean there is a serious need to keep a check on movements, in order to lower the chances of falls, to decreases the chances of bedsores and to do this economically and accurately. We can provide better sensing in automotive applications as well. Moreover, an after-market is also under development, which will be used to check stress in solid in high rise infrastructures in the future.