Asylum Research Atomic Force Microscopes now have the all-new Ergo™ Software

A week ago, Oxford Instruments announced the launch of new Ergo™ software, a platform for their Asylum Research AFMs. Asylum Research is the market leader in technology for both biosciences applicants and materials. It is dedicated to innovation in instruments for nanotechnology and nanoscience.

The newly introduced software, Ergo, improves the productivity rate for both the newbies/infrequent users, as well as the experts of AFMs. A very carefully designed interface for workflows guides its users quickly from the setup phase to data acquisition. Intelligent algorithms do your work for you, as they calculate the ideal settings to achieve high-definition images. This will help them complete their tasks quickly and draw conclusions confidently and accurately.

Jacob Viani, Asylum Research’s product manager, says that AFMs are very powerful and all-rounder tools for research, especially Asylum Research ones. He claims that the new interface, Ergo, will make AFMs easy-to-use, making its users more confident in the decisions they make and the results they get, and their devices more accessible. The combination of this new software and the previous one, Igor pro-based software, gives its users flexibility for routine measurements and more opportunities for making ground-breaking advancements in research.

The recently released version Ergo focuses on providing researchers with the most important feature all AFMs should have, and that is high-definition images that define the area around the subject. This comprises of the majority of the research done through AFMs. No technical training is required to be able to produce a high-quality image, nor are manual settings required. Ease and convenience are strongly stressed upon in this software.

Moreover, Ergo complements the old software, Igor, already present in Asylum Research’s AFMs. They provide the ‘best of both worlds’ to their users when they work together.