Chlorinated chicken’ might enter the UK after separating from the EU

The European Union has been careful in matters of importing livestock from the US and refuses to import poultry. They are concerned about the chlorinated chicken from the US. Chlorinated chicken is just chicken washed with certain chemicals to clear off or reduce any pathogens such as salmonella and E.coli.

However, after the UK’s split from the EU, this practice of importation from the US may be put back into the spotlight. The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, used the term ‘chlorinated chicken’ to taunt the Labor Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

Due to Britain’s separation, they may be forced to accept exports from the US as a consequence of their own decision to part from the EU. They will have to loosen their food safety standards.

This practice of spraying chicken with chemicals to wash germs off is very common in the US poultry industry. The spraying is done at different stages during the whole process, from de-feathering to cutting it up in pieces. The chemicals used are first approved by the Department of Agriculture in the US. Companies are to use specified amounts of that chemical. However, some residue from the rinses is still present in the finished goods at high levels.

Research says that it is impossible to completely get rid of pathogens such as salmonella and campylobacter germs (a major cause of food poisoning). These germs do not cause any harm to the birds and are found very commonly in their organs. However, spraying them does decrease the germs to some point and helps improve food cleanliness. Moreover, the use of chlorine has been reduced by 10% all over the countries.

It is said by food safety critics that spraying may be dangerous of the chemicals remain on the finished goods, however, it does reduce the number of germs and pathogens that are very widespread in raw chicken. These rinses can be used to prevent major health-hazardous germs from spreading.