Easy to use high-resolution imagery

The high-resolution imagery is incompetent because the excellence of any satellite image is dependent on its spatial resolution. It gives frequency, precision, and detail to no other.

To stay unbeatable EOS has collaborated with 4 leading high-resolution imagery providers which include Airbus Defense and Space, SI Imaging Services, Space Will, and 21AT. It was done so it could buy the most recent image straight from LandViewer, or see images of your concern in high resolution from the map.

To put in different words, Land Viewer gathers the recent satellite imagery from the world’s top profit-making satellite providers and combines it into a single convenient to use platform. This accumulation is continuously being improved by new sensors.

By using the commercial imagery from LandViewer with resolution ranging between 0.3m and 1.5m you can exactly see any object of your concern, worldwide.  If you don’t need the imagery for any future thorough analysis you may opt for an expense and time-saving plan and look at the image at the rate of 0.7$ per tile.

For this intention, our software gathers large quantities of fresh satellite imagery obtained by our associates with a resolution of 30 and 40cm. this depicts that 1 pixel on the screen on LandViewer equals 30– 40 cm on the ground.

Above the many incomparable advantages of the high-resolution data viewing option, LandViewer provides some additional pros for its users. Below is a list of a few:

  • Once seen the images get filtered and saved in “Free available (viewer mode)” folder so the viewer doesn’t have to pay again to see the same image.
  • There are no quantity and size restrictions for the saved images.
  • The cash deposit procedure is very quick and convenient. You just have to click “pay”
  • It takes very little time to exhibit your high-resolution image on the map.