BMW’s new Chief Executive Officer wishes to bring the company back to its no1 position

Chief Executive Officer Oliver Zipse comes into power at an unstable period for BMW and the overall automobile industry. Increasing trade disputes between China and the US has affected profits and the uncertain political future for the UK adds further to the complexity.

BMW was the first company to develop electric cars. Now, the switch towards electric cars is of the main concern to Chief Executive Officer as now he aims to release a strategic vision more understandable than the prior companies.

Illustrating the uncertain stance, that lead to the Krueger’s departure, BMW launches a model at the show that reminds of both past and present. This model was introduced in the market 6 years ago.

A Berlin-based independent automotive analyst, Matthias Schmidt stated, just like everyone else, BMW is also moving to the 2nd stage of its EV strategy, but with a stronger grip.

Zipse, who previously worked as a production chief in BMW, talked at the press conference in Frankfurt on Tuesday. A few years back, Krueger experienced himself in the unstable and tricky area of an auto show. During his first expo as Chief Executive Officer Krueger lost consciousness during his presentation, and the pictures of executives helping their fainted boss off the stage preyed upon the executives throughout his period.

The new Chief Executive Officer has long excelled in a wait-and-see approach on electric automobiles and an adaptable production system that can make all modifications of automobiles on one line. This approach was also liked by Krueger, who worked as production chief earlier than Zipse, giving both of them a basic understanding of the work on the factory floor and how various engine kinds can exist together. Although, such elasticity can also adversely affect, mentioned by an investigator at MM Warburg & Co in Hamburg.