Janine Allis reveals how she plans to stay on the reality show ‘Australian Survivor’

Janine Allis, a 55-year-old company founder, has done what she does best to strengthen her position in show ‘Australian Survivor’ – prepare, prepare, prepare! She revealed earlier that was scared before going on the show. After 44 days of the show, when she was voted out, she revealed that she had herself trained by an ex-Navy Seal and the training was harsh with an 8-minute intense workout every day. This workout was followed by swimming and her regular yoga.

She came to the venue for the competition almost a day before everyone else and had a local villager help her with last-minute preparation. Such as how to crack a coconut, build a fire, build a shelter, and much more. She said that she had done everything she could for the show.

The show was so intense that she shocked when she found out others hadn’t done the same as her. Some people never exercised or prepared beforehand.

Janine had entered the show to win, and maybe learn a little about survival. For her prime goal, winning, she had a two-part plan.

The first and most crucial part was to somehow get to the finals. This was supposed to be done by convincing others that she would be a good number two as no one would want to give her the money because she already has it.

If this part of the plan was achieved, she would pull out her trump card to win the jury over, maybe by telling them, she’d give them off to charity. Because according to her, she was only there to win and to get experience and had no reason to keep the money.

She claims that she might have won the competition of she were able to plead her case to the jury. Moreover, she thinks she was able to knock anyone off of the team, with the exception of Luke as he was tough to beat.