Wood Mackenzie logo

This is the largest challenge for Permian Field

Energy research and consultancy company, Wood Mackenzie (WoodMac) announced on its recent website post the grave challenge faced by the…

US Department of Energy logo

The US Department of Energy to increase funding for R&D projects

The US Department of Energy (DOE) has recently laid plans to elevate the funding in oil, gas R&D project grants….

DSM buys Amyris

Sustainable ingredient giant, Amyris exits Vitamin E business

Amyris announced its exit from its long standing business of Vitamin E. Amyris is a leading company for production of…

Trans Mountain oil pipeline

Plans for Trans Mountain expansion project delayed

In a recent announcement, the Government of Canada has extended the deadline for expansion of the Trans Mountain oil pipeline….

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Latest trends in the food industry to look out for

The food and farming industry is greatly affected by the ever fluctuating climate. The varying global climatic swing and rising…

European Chemicals Agency

This is the key solution for a brighter chemical future for Europe

At the Chemical Watch Global Summit which took place in Brussels, Marco Mensink, director general of European Chemical Industry Council…

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Sudden slump in oil prices to affect OPEC

Announcement of slump in oil prices has shaken the oil trade market. Reports suggest, the drastic slide of more than…

Saudi Aramco

Saudi Aramco to seal deal with Reliance Petroleum

Saudi Aramco is drawing plans to buy 25% stakes with India’s largest private sector, Reliance Petroleum. Saudi Aramco which is…

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Celanese’s methanol expansion project is under way

Celanese Corporation is undertaking a new methane expansion venture. It has drawn plans to significantly expand methane capacity in its…

Artificial Intelligence to enhance Oil Trade

Artificial Intelligence to enhance Oil Trade

Artificial Intelligence has been seeping through into oil and gas trading industry.  In the past, active application of AI-enabled solutions…